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Meet last year’s Wild Kiwi half marathon champ – Tanya Cook

We catch up with Tanya Cook, whose stellar performance at last year’s Wild Kiwi saw her become the first female to cross the finish line for the 21K run! Tanya shares with us her best bits of 2017’s Wild Kiwi and why she’s keen on returning this year. And to those already signed up for 2018 listen up as Tanya dishes out some pretty good tips you might just want to make a note of!

1.  How was the event for you?

Awesome! Tough! Bloody tough but so rewarding…… exhausting but refreshing.

2.  What were the highlights?

I love this event, I have done a dozen or so different events and this is definitely my favourite so far. I’m slightly bias because it’s in my home town, but you really can’t beat the views, I love the challenge of the course and the friendly supportive atmosphere of the participants, staff, volunteers and supporters.

3.  How did you prepare? Any tips?

Lots of hill and step work and some longer runs, really need to be fit enough to run almost twice the distance for the longer ones, eg, be able to comfortably run over 30km for the 21 k (it will take you around 3 hours to run/walk/climb the 21 k on a good day 🙂 Don’t go out to hard if you are doing the 21k.  Tip: keep going 🙂

4.  Are you coming back? If yes, why and what event are you doing?

Hopefully back to do the 21k again, if I can fit in some training. There’s basically no trail events up here so I like to do this one (would be great it total sport added some more in Northland:) ). Plus like I said I love this track for running, its super challenging and to know that I am running amongst lots of rare fauna and flora is satisfying. I’m hoping I might see a robin or whitehead this year 🙂


If you’re keen to join Tanya and many others at the 2018 Wild Kiwi – or want to find out more about the event – find the details at thewildkiwi.co.nz

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