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Ted West at the Taniwha!

Kiwi actor David de Latour – star of Westside, the widely acclaimed prequel to Outrageous Fortune  – will be taking on The Taniwha on November 4th this year. Because we’re total nerds and he’s awesome, we had a quick chat with David about his running background and what draws him to this event.

We hear you’re a keen runner and have done a few events (including Kepler?). Tell us about your running background!

I was a runner all the way through school but started to not enjoy running because of the pressure of trying to win events. I now find a lot more enjoyment in longer races with the sole goal of finishing them. It really takes the pressure off while still presenting a huge challenge. The Kepler is the longest run I have done thus far but I am keen to keep pushing as far as I can.

What draws you to trail running?

The scenery… and my knees. I’m an avid camper and love being out of the city and in nature. Some of the vistas I’ve seen while running have blown me away. I also like the fact trails are much nicer to your knees. The varying terrain, while challenging, doesn’t have the same repudiative impact on your joints that the concrete does.

Do you have any favourite runs in NZ?

Most of the Total Sport event courses. To be honest, that’s the way I’ve seen or found out about most of the great trails in NZ. Goldie’s Loop out Muriwai way is pretty awesome. It’s part of the Total Sport West Coaster which I’ve run a couple of times.

How do you manage to squeeze in training when you’re busy shooting a season of Westside?

That’s why I love running, it’s a great way to decompress after shooting. Trading in the stuffy confines of the studio for a trail is an awesome way to end the day.

Any interesting stories off the set you care to share?

Our incredible DoP (Director of Photography) on Westside is an avid runner but loves the road runs. I’ve been trying to get him along to some Total Sport trail runs for 3 seasons of the show now. So Marty… if you’re reading this. This is the year, mate.

More about The Taniwha

The Taniwha celebrates the hard work of the Waikato River Trails Trust over the past 13 years in developing 100km of top quality trails – most of it on previously inaccessible land along the mighty Waikato River. 

The trails wind their way through all the faces of New Zealand’s natural beauty – native bush, exotic forest, historic landmarks, geological formations, open reserves, boardwalks over wetlands, and stunning single track – taking in expansive lake and river views throughout. 

Come and join us on Saturday 4th November to take on as much of the stunning Waikato River Trails as you want – on foot, on two wheels, as an individual, or as a team! There’s something for every age, ability, and fitness level.

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