I have happy memories of accompanying my father on his daily possum trapline as a pre-schooler. I couldn’t last the distance back then, and at some point each day he would swing me up by the back of my bright orange parka and deposit me into his hunting pack to sleep the remaining few kms. Those early forays sparked an unbridled love for wild and beautiful places. My first seat on the Total Sport bus was (like yours!) as participant. For a short time I occupied the accountant’s chair, but it became increasingly difficult to keep me indoors and I now fill my days wandering happily around in the bush bearing the title of Course Manager. What gets me out of bed at 3am on event morning?
1. Today we will introduce people to an astonishing part of New Zealand.
2. Today we will support some people to do more than they thought they could.
3. Today we might make a difference. Maybe someone will gain confidence to challenge themselves in a different arena? Maybe someone will be inspired to defend our wild spaces?
One person in a thousand experiencing a positive shift is reason enough to get me out of bed.

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