Aaron Carter

Getting Grubby With… Aaron Carter

1. Where, when and with whom, have you gotten the grubbiest?

Hmmm, there’s been a few adventures over the years. Quite possibly with Mal Law (during the 7 in 7 Challenge, year 2) and a hearty band of soldiers doing the Reece Dart track. From memory we covered something like 65km and it took us 14-15 hours, it was a hell of a day!

2. What do you do for a job?

I’m very lucky, I get to spend my work time with a great team of people, putting on great events in stunning locations for everyday people. My role in the business nowadays is a lot around team/culture, partnerships and new business development.

3. What’s your favourite TS event?

Oh that’s a tough one, I’ve been involved from the outset in all of them! Many have come from sitting around having a chat over a beer with friends and workmates, wondering whether people would be keen to do this, or that… they’re all special, but perhaps one that has a particularly special place for me is the North Shore Coastal Challenge, because that was really the event that truly launched Total Sport and what we were to become as a business

4. What’s your 2017 fitness/event/lifestyle goal?

I’d like to do a lot this year, on the list (so far); The Hillary, The Kepler, get my golf handicap to 5, and to be able to bend down (with legs straight!) and be able to lay my hands flat on the floor. What this all means is getting my body right, and focusing hugely on my core and flexibility.

5. Describe yourself in a word


6. What’s your favourite quote, if you have one?

Can I have two please? These change frequently, but I’m loving these ones at the moment; “there is a way to do it better, find it” – Thomas Edison. And “worry is a wasted emotion” – Steve Hansen

7. Why do you do this stuff?

Despite being a “back of the pack” runner, I genuinely love running on trails in amazing locations. Trail running in particular gives me clarity, it allows me to de-frag my brain, de-clutter my life, I get quality (often solo) think time, and at the end of the day I’m a better all-round person when I run

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