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Getting Grubby with Mish Mourits

Trail running can get pretty (awesomely) grubby! And often the grubbiness is in direct proportion to the awesomeness of an adventure. In this series we showcase amazing people from our Total Sport family – and their grubbiest adventures.

Where, when and with whom, have you gotten the grubbiest whilst on the trails?

The grubbiest I have got would have been after the 2014 (first ever) Queenstown half marathon. I ran this by myself and it rained the WHOLE time. It was in Mid Nov and the weather was freezing (people got pulled off the course with hypothermia) and I was wet, muddy, sandy but happy to compete the run in those conditions. What a day!

What do you do for a job?

I am a Sales Account Manager for a Dairy Company in the Waikato

What’s your favourite Total Sport event?

My fave Total Sport event would have to be the Taupo Marathon. This (Aug 2015) was my first ever marathon and I trained so hard and was so nervous! It holds a special place in my heart and the course is amazing – Huka falls, river views, lake views, mountai views, CBD town support… what more could you ask for in a race!

What’s your 2018 fitness/event/lifestyle goal?

To come back from a running injury and enjoy the experience. I have raced hard for a nunber of years as a hobby to better my times. This year I would like to be strong and fit but take in the scenery a bit more while ramping up the km’s again!

Describe yourself in a word


What’s your favourite quote, if you have one?

Attitude is small thing that makes a massive difference.

Why do you do this stuff?

Because it makes me feel good, I see parts of the country I wouldn’t otherwise, its great for the heart and soul and I book events where they are a “destination” so me and hubby ca have a break at the same time!

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