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Inov-8 – Find just the right shoe for the Auckland XTERRA Series

One of the best parts of the Auckland Xterra Trail Run/Walk Series is the variety of terrains you get to explore. Over the six series events, you’ll find everything from groomed trails and boulder-hopping to knee-deep mud and loose sand. In short, you need to prepared for anything! Inov-8 makes some of the lightest and most flexible trail running shoes on the market. …Most importantly, they include tons of grip!

Check out our top Total-Sport-team-tried-and-tested shoe picks from awesome event partner, Inov-8.


Roclite 305/290

The Roclite is Inov-8’s most versatile trail shoe and the shoe most recommended for the Xterra series. It has the perfect combination of hard wearing lugs for great grip in wet and muddy conditions, but can also hold up to a bit of road running as well. Think of it as a 75% trail shoe, 25% road shoe. The Roclite is available in two options, the 305 or the 290. The 305 has a bit more cushion (8mm drop) while the Roclite 290 is a bit lighter (4mm drop).


X-Talon 230/212

If you’re looking for the grippiest trail shoe on the market, look no further than the X-Talon. This shoe is best suited for wet and muddy terrain and is not designed to do much running on hard road surfaces. This is a 100% trail shoe. The X-Talon is available in two options, the 230 or the 212 (both with 6mm drop). The ALL NEW 230 has our new STICKY GRIP compound, making it the grippiest shoe on the market!


Trail Talon 290/235

The Trail Talon is perfect if you want a grippy trail shoe that will still hold up to a reasonable amount of road running. Think of it as a 50% trail, 50% road shoe. It also has a wider fit to accommodate some of those traditional Kiwi feet. The Trail Talon is available in two options, the 290 or the 235. Go for the 290 if you want a more cushioned shoe (8mm drop), the 235 if you want a sleek, fast shoe (4mm drop)!

Keen to try a pair? You can go for a trial run in a pair of Inov-8 Roclite shoes at the XTERRA events!

Like the idea of exploring heaps of different trails around Auckland? Learn more about the Auckland XTERRA Trail Run/Walk Series here!

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