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5 top tips from 2017’s T42 mountain bike winner Hamish Dodd

We caught up with 2017’s 48km MTB winner Hamish Dodd to get his take on how to have your best day mountain biking at 1Above T41. He gave us some pretty excellent advice!

1. Endurance training – The T42 is a long race, so don’t get too focused on sprint watts! Make sure you’re heading out for an easy, longer (3-4hr) ride once a week to get your baseline sorted.

2. Grippy shoes can save you! Some of the exits from rivers are super steep and can pose enough problems trying to walk your bike, let alone riding it. Get yourself well-equipped for the clay and you’ll keep the momentum up, on and off the bike.

3. Shred some DH! The race starts considerably higher than it finishes, so you’ll be spending lots of time on super fun downhill sections with ruts, clay and rocks – nothing too hard but definitely posing a threat if you’re pinning it as fast as you can. Practice riding tech at your local park so that you can be as fast or safe as you want come raceday.

4. Don’t let cramp cramp your style. I’m guilty of sometimes not eating or drinking enough during a race, thinking that the finish is just around the corner, but the last climb out of the farm to the finish can ruin you if you haven’t kept fueled! Save yourself a few spots on the ladder and keep fueling as much as possible.

5. Lastly, as cheesy as it seems, have fun! The alpine scenery, outback atmosphere and hearty prize giving make this a great event for any level of competition. Remember, no matter how slow you go, you’re faster than anyone sitting on the couch.

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