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#WhyWeRun – 2000K in a Year!

Rupert Gough takes the time out of his busy running schedule to chat with us about his Run 2000K Challenge. Not only is 2000K a huge distance but he’s only given himself 365 days to complete the challenge, eek! Not only that, but Rupert has never run more than 5K before, which adds to the challenge even more!

Who/what inspired you to challenge yourself to complete 2000k in one year?

I was listening to a keynote speech by Mike Allsop (who I highly recommend as a great speaker) in November 2017.  He mentioned a “distance in 1 year goal” and I thought it was a great idea.  Running has never been my forté so I thought it was a good opportunity to set myself a stretch goal to get me running. In December I was listening to Richard Branson’s new audiobook and he was talking about his adventures and how he uses them as a fund-raising opportunity.  I thought it would be great to opportunity to combine my New Years goal with a chance to raise funds for a worthy charity.

You mentioned you have never ran more than 5k before, how have you managed so far with your challenge? Taking it slow and steady? Felling your fitness improving already?

I’m tracking my progress using Runkeeper which is owned by Asics.  It keeps a running total (pun intended) of distance which is great.  At this stage, I’m about 70kms behind where I should be but I’ve got a couple of half-marathons booked for later in the year so I’m not too worried.

In the first week, I couldn’t run much further than 3kms but I was running every day so managed to keep a decent tally up.  It’s not the end of February and I’m running 10-12kms 3 times a week with a few little runs in the middle.  I’ve had to do quite a few runs on the treadmill because of the heat and humidity in Auckland lately.  It’s not as nice as running outside but at least there is air conditioning!

Any tips for others considering picking up their running shoes and getting out there?

I don’t think I should be giving out running advice at this stage.  The only thing I can sayis that it’s been a lot easier to continue running having committed to raising funds for the charity.  Every kilometre is another couple of dollars for the charity which means a 10km run is as good as a $20 donation.  It’s a great feeling.

Have you any other big events in your sights?

I’m entered for the Taupo half and the Tauranga half in August.  I did a couple of the Xterra ones last year and particularly enjoyed the Waihi event. I’ll even be able to run the whole course this year!

Tell us about the charity you are running for – ‘I Have A Dream’

The I Have A Dream Charitable Trust places mentors (called Navigators) in low decile schools to guide the children from the first years of school right through until they are 20.  They have just finished their first trial group and the results have, as you would expect, been spectacular.  The Charity attracted my attention because of the enormity of the task that they had set.  This wasn’t a band-aid used to quick fix small problems.

They were working over 15 years to guide the children on the correct path.  In my mind, it is the only way to end the cycle of poverty that a lot of families face but no one has ever had the long-term vision to try something like this.
Now that the trial group has finished, they are planning to look after 1500 Northland kids by 2022.  I can’t even imagine how that will change the area.

At the moment, I have $4,300 lined up by the end of the year (some donations are subject to me running the total distance).  My biggest hope is that others will take the Run 2000 Challenge up; particularly those that have not run before.  Choose a worthy charity and use the running as an opportunity to raise funds for them and get fit too.  They can feel free to use the Run 2000 Challenge logo I’ve had designed.  I’d love to hear how they go by email:

If you would like to help Rupert out on his way to 2000K, follow the link below to his Fundly site

Links are:

Note: most of the corporate donations have been deposited directly into my account but for donations from external sources, it would be better to receive them through the Fundly website 🙂

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